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There is 3G and EDGE connectivity and the phone is set up with dual SIM slots.So here is a phone that tries to look good on the outside, but has some pretty low-end specs.We can even remember when Verizon marketed the Palm Pre Plus as a great phone for Mom.This won't affect Verizon customers, who already had usage of the app over 3G.

A 1600m Ah battery keeps the gerbil spinning on the wheel and Android 4.0 is pre-installed.

A small bit rather significant update has been pushed to the Skype Android app, allowing Vo IP calls to be made over 3G, rather than just Wi-Fi.

The BLU Armour is priced at 9 through several online retailers such as Amazon.

Retailers in Brazil, Mexico and other Latin American countries will also be offering the phone.

On board is 512MB of RAM and the 4GB of native storage can be expanded using the 32GB capacity 32GB micro SD slot.

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The 5MP rear-facing camera captures 720p video at 30fps, and there is a .3MP snapper around front for self-portraits and video chats.