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Posted by / 21-Apr-2016 07:25

Adult cam swap live

So, I test drove some of the app’s features: The app has two main settings: You can use a pre-set photo, or swap faces in real-time (aka live) through your phone’s camera.

Feeling slightly more intrigued, I decided to level up with a photo of none other than Beyoncé.

Sadly, the inverse, where my face is placed onto Beyoncé’s, doesn’t translate nearly as well: In addition, I kept getting error messages when I tried to turn the video into a GIF; I eventually had to export, re-record, and GIF-ify the video through other programs.

First, I wore Queen Bey’s face as a mask: Weirdly enough, you can see that her “face” actually does move with mine, down to my teeth coming out of “her” lips.

It’s incredibly freaky, but shows how versatile the mask option is.

And as you can guess from the name, Face Swap Live is based on one simple premise: When you swap a person’s face with another person’s face, it will lead to disturbing hilarity.

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