Adult sex dating in blue anchor new jersey

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Adult sex dating in blue anchor new jersey

Once upon a time they were the flower-power counterculture that dropped acid, drove inexplicably operative VW buses, and protested the bejeezus out of the Greatest Generation.

You may recognize them from those pictures you found of your parents that you really wish you could unsee.

And while Eric Cartman still hates them all, they all need a place to call home.

Every state's got its eclectic hippie haven, whether it's a farm commune in Missouri or an artists colony in Mississippi.

More reminiscent of the Mississippi Gulf Coast than the Redneck Riviera, it has an arts and crafts festival in its 64th year that pulls in more than 200 artists from around the region.

Anytime you put the word “Cosmic” in your civic nickname, you’re pretty much proclaiming yourself the hippie enclave of wherever you are (except maybe the moon).

But that’s only part of the reason the Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea is the most far-out place in America’s last frontier.

The town that sits at the end of the Sterling Highway has become an end-of-the-road for people who just want to set up shop in a VW bus and go off the grid.

Though Alabamans have no problem camping for weeks at a time with infrequent showers if it involves a NASCAR race, when it comes to other aspects of hippie life this state is lacking.

The closest thing you’ll find is Fairhope, a town in the Eastern Shore near Mobile.

Fairhope’s the part of Alabama that attracts artsy types and young families with money alike, a town that has actual art galleries and bed & breakfasts.

It’s got a vibrant art scene, and is also a popular destination for people who want to look at the northern lights, and remain absolutely sober.

But you still know a hippie when you see one (or smell patchouli).

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Now they range from free spirits on college campuses to mountain-dwelling stoners, boomers still living in the '60s, and boomers-turned-yuppies who buy expensive art.

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