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Adult singles dating jolley iowa

His work is held in private, museum, and municipal collections. Light performs frequent speaking engagements and conducts workshops in various settings to further the practice of Sculpture.He commutes on the Belt Line daily from his home in Reynoldstown.He has no formal art training, but has an exceptional understanding of structural engineering and technical beauty, with the ability to create long-lasting works with his hands.Name: Addison Karl and Jarus Artist Bio: Addison Karl’s artistic pilgrimage has evolved over a decade of process related to prepress print & color theory.A cyclical evolution from blank slate to paper, canvas to installation & public space.Furthermore through his artistic practise he hopes to reintroduce into shared visual space a sense of ownership.

Projects in Israel, Russia, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Japan, the United States & Europe, have allowed him to explore the social construct of individual versus community.These ideals raise issues he feels are primordial to discuss in a public arena.Website: Title: Untitled Description: Year: 2016 Name: Alex Rodriguez Artist Bio: Dr.Alex Rodriguez is a dentist by trade and part-time kinetic sculpture artist.With his work, he attempts to expand the viewer’s understanding of the context, structures & surfaces they inhabit & aiming towards a meticulous harmony & balance between that & the preexisting environment.

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His process explores two main domains combining humanitarian figurative & aesthetic subject matter.

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