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Despite von Trier’s recent “I’m a Nazi” comment at Cannes, which Skarsgard told The Daily Beast was “very stupid” and a byproduct of the eccentric director’s “bizarre sense of humor,” the enthralling film is being hailed as von Trier’s masterpiece.

“He pushed me off that throne and I’ll never forgive him,” the elder Skarsgard told The Daily Beast.“I was Sweden’s sexiest man once and then my son comes and becomes it five times in a row just to show Daddy.” Now, after melting the hearts of women—and some men—on HBO’s flagship show, the aesthetically pleasing younger Skarsgard is angling into more serious fare, starring alongside his father in celebrated Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier’s , in theaters Friday.On the hit HBO series True Blood, adapted from Harris’s books, Northman, a vainglorious Viking-cum-vampire, is played with great panache—and frequent nakedness—by Alexander Skarsgard, a blond, 6-foot-4 actor whose slight bags under his eyes only seem to augment his power to “glamour,” or hypnotize.The hunky role isn’t too much of a stretch for Skarsgard, who was voted “Sweden’s Sexiest Man” five times in a row, much to his actor-father Stellan’s chagrin.“I saw that he was very good,” said Skarsgard’s father, adding, “He had very expressive eyes.” Michael Nyqvist, known for his starring role in the Swedish films, lived just two blocks from the Skarsgards in south Stockholm and echoes the praise.

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