Amons dating com

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Amons dating com

These epic events took place October 3 and 6, III 3018.After those events the Ranger Candaith was forced to defend Amon Sûl against foes called forth by the fell powers that had twice attacked the hill and twice been driven back.Amon Sûl stood near the centre of the ancient North-kingdom of Arnor, and Elendil built a tall tower on its summit to hold the chief palantír of his realm, the largest and strongest of the three owned by the North.In later days, Arnor broke into three smaller kingdoms, and the Tower of Amon Sûl marked the point where the three met.Now it is home of any prowling creature, goblins, and orcs that happen to outnumber one another; even trolls have been seen here but probably held in capture by others.

This chief of the Weather Hills is located at the heart of the Lone-lands and it is the highest peek for many weeks ride in any direction.Its history is long and fascinating, dating back before the Tower of Amon Sûl that was found already in the Second Age.Recently, Gandalf the Grey fought a terrible battle against the Nazgûl here.A few days later Frodo was stabbed by the Witch-king, almost to the death.The Tower was destroyed at last by the forces of Angmar, but its palantír was rescued and carried away to Fornost.

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Underlining an evolution not only from album to album but from song to song, “Vive La Trance” was Amon Düül II’s final album on United Artists -- which when you consider the collected works of Can, Hawkwind, Groundhogs (and I admittedly do all too often: even down to noting the similarities of the space metal logos adorning both “Vive La Trance” and Groundhogs’ “Hogwash” LP, for starters) is generally the point where one must draw the demarcating line between music that is life-changing to music that just rearranges the furniture and sends you a bill; music that is the difference between kissing your aunt on the cheek and planting one squarely on your spiritual sister’s lips.