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Asain dating girls

She was just the little counter culture firecracker I love.Tight ripped jeans, leather jacket, scull and crossbones earrings…she was definitely not your plain vanilla type Korean girl.She was also an art school student, an art school student that spent her time painting erotic art. Since she was busy with painting she couldn’t meet me right away so I made sure to nail down a time when she would be free so I could set something up with her.I also planned to spend a great evening with her only a couple days later. Guys trying to date Asian girls, and Korean or Japanese girls in particular, are familiar with a common problem — flaking.It seems that if you’re a guy trying to date girls outside of your social circle then you’re also a guy who gets flaked on quite a bit.

Of course, I knew all this but Redpole Q had just flown in so I wanted to spend some time with him.

Sitting in the restaurant with our meet only a couple days away, my phone was now buzzing with texts.

It was 9pm and Redpole Q had just made the long journey from Hong Kong to South Korea.

Cancelling, rescheduling, or just not showing up to a meet seems to be a sport in East Asia.

I paused our conversation for a second to look at my phone.

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She wanted me to come to Hongdae to drink with her and her friends. Most of the time when a Korean girl you randomly met on the street calls you up and asks you to come drink with her it means that you have a really good chance of sleeping with her.