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They're doing the "Hometown Glory" dance from Season 4, which featured that really cool "assisted run" segment.

It'll be a bottom six based on votes cast three weeks ago, so I hope you can remember who you wanted to go home that night.

Judges tonight: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt, "The Ballet Boys." And for those of you who want the news: Tabitha and Napoleon are proud new parents of London.

And now it's time for group routine with new choreography by Mia.

Shoe Alert: the men are in dinner jackets with tails and the women are in evening gowns. It's going to get very self-congratulatory up in here tonight as each contestant is asked about their most memorable moment from watching past seasons of "SYTYCD." Cyrus and Eliana are doing the Emmy-winning "Door" routine made famous by Katee and Twitch.

Too faithful and I think, why not just listen, or in this case rewatch, the original?

Nigel says it's going to be difficult to try and disassociate tonight's performances from the originals.

So, if you've watched this show as long as I have, all of tonight's numbers will be reruns of a sort.

Cat also informs us that they're cutting four dancers tonight to get us to a Top 10.

Nigel says in real life Eliana would've kicked Cyrus out of the house -- that she was the stronger dancer and character tonight. Michael confesses that he and Billy have never seen the original routines, which he calls a disadvantage, but I think could make them interesting judges -- no sentimental memories or preconceived notions.

George and Tiffany: George and I share a favorite moment in Wade Robson's group "Rama Lama" dance.

"So You Think You Can Dance" is BACK, and in the three weeks since the last show I've forgotten who everybody is, which ones I like and dislike, and maybe even what dance is.

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The whole show tonight will be the work of just one choreographer -- the Emmy-winning Mia Michaels.