Best online dating site in nz

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"Not everyone is going to get a great experience on day one - it takes longer than a day or a week." Bland said Twosome's advantages were its usability, price, social media integration and "responsive design", which allowed the website to function properly no matter what kind of device it was being accessed on.

Twosome is 20 per cent owned by Mighty Ape and the dating service will be promoted through the online shopping website's Facebook page and email database.

Members can customise their profiles and a filter matches users based on interests, age, gender and sexual orientation.Twosome will not feature any advertising, instead earning its revenue from customer subscriptions.Buoyed by comments from friends left unsatisfied by their experiences with dating websites, Dylan Bland decided he could create better technology himself.After 18 months of web development, the 32-year-old internet entrepreneur will launch the country's newest dating website - Twosome - tomorrow, which is, fittingly, Valentine's Day.Bland said a preview version of Twosome had already attracted close to 1000 users and the goal was to have 200,000 to 300,000 members signed up by the end of this year.

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"Once you get people in there it's about techniques to keep them coming back," he said.