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From there our bachelors must remove three contestants straight off of the bat before they ever lay eyes on their respective suitors.A spanner is immediately thrown in the works as one of the suitor’s in Matt’s pool has a past with Tim.NBC is banking on the idea that the dating show can move into the American Idol competition age with it’s latest offering.From executive producer Eva Longoria, Ready For Love is built around matchmakers searching for Mrs.He then has the suitors’ write lyrics to a new song he was working on, which they then sing in groups split up by matchmaker.We also get our first example of gamesmanship, as Leah, the girl from Tim’s past, isolates him for a short period of time, raising the suspicions of our other contestants.Right for three very eligible bachelors: civil engineer Ernesto Arguello, financier Ben Patton, and Plain White T’s singer Tim Lopez.These men, with the help of their matchmakers, will then try to figure out which (if any) of the twelve lucky bachelorettes will be their perfect soul mate.

We started with the bubbly dating game show in the Dating Game evolved to the video-dating style of Love Connection and eventually to the reality model of The Bachelor.From there we switch to more video packages, where our first set of suitors move into their house and the matchmakers give last second advice before their big first date.Our second hour kicks off with the girls showing up for their big first group date with Tim, who immediately shows a sense of humor by fake-ratcheting up pressure before putting on a concert for all of the girls.After the dating segment, our suitors’ rejoin the matchmakers in the studio, who critique them on their performance in a manner once again not far removed from your standard issue competition show.Tonight’s episode focuses solely on Tim Lopez (gee, I wonder whom NBC is marketing as the star on this show? The show also takes time to introduce it’s matchmakers, including Amber Kelleher (who takes the fairy tale angle), Matt Hussey (focused on the male), and Tracy Mc Millan (the straight shooter).

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  1. That mainly means producer Rachel Goldberg (Shiri Appleby), who will do anything to manipulate the contestants and edit their lives into "good television," and Quinn King (Constance Zimmer) (both pictured above), the executive producer and Rachel's never-satisfied boss.