Brad pitt and angelina jolie dating since

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The news was first broken by on September 20, 2016.Those allegations were 100 percent manufactured by the tabloids, and are constantly regurgitated without any foundation.

At that time, the French actress' life was in danger but fortunately, Brad came in to the rescue.

"Marion went under instantly, but gallant Brad - even though weighed down by a heavy suit - dove deep, and rescued his diva as the crew chanted, 'Vive le Americain! Another source is quick to correct the previous report saying that the accident did not happen citing it is another 'fabricated' story by the tabloids.

the 52-year old actor, was seen attending a motorcycle show in California surrounded by the Biker Chicks.

Meanwhile, tabloids cannot help but talk about Angelina Jolie's skinny frame with previous reports saying that Brad is tired of taking care of Angie and that he gave her an ultimatum to pull the plug from their marriage if she would not improve her health.

Brad Pitt's association with Allied co-star, Marion Cotillard has been under close scrutiny as the two are allegedly involved in a questionable 'closeness' that may lead to Brad's looming divorce with Angelina Jolie.

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The two who spent a lot of hours on set have been the target of infidelity rumors for months now with a recent source citing one freak accident that happened while they are shooting on a small raft off Spain's Gran Canaria island.