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Bucharian dating

They were culturally and religiously very different from their immediate neighbors, but the Central Asians were very accepting of them and allowed them to live out their beliefs.

This number was most likely added to following the Diaspora as records show communities of Jews traveled and joined or created settlements as far east as China.Many of the Jews lived in either the city of Bukhara or Samarkhand.The Jews were monogamous while the Muslims accepted man marrying up to four wives, and at times harems of concubines were common as well.Though Bukhara was ruled by Muslims for most of the time between 700 CE and 1900, each of the Islamic dynasties, however, dealt with the Jews differently.Many historians contend, however, that it was probably a century or two later during the reign of Cyrus the great of Persia that the Jews began to arrive.

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