Butch and femme dating

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Butch and femme dating

This may be a man whose idea of women has been restricted to what he sees in beer commercials, or it may even be a woman who has not taken the time to acknowledge all the incredible sides of her own femininity.

People with these questions are saying that their idea of a woman is based solely on physical appearance and the mannerisms of June Cleaver.

Though I wouldn’t say my girlfriend “looks like a man,” she has short hair, wears flannel, and definitely has a rough and tumble way about her that makes it pretty hard to imagine her in a dress.The moment someone asks why I don’t just date men, they are telling me that they have no understanding or appreciation of what it means to be a woman.On top of all that, women can love like no one else in the world.By saying that because my girlfriend has short hair I should be open to dating men, these people are saying that they have forgotten about all these other parts of loving a woman.By Jade Salazar “If you’re dating a woman who looks like a man, then why don’t you just date men? Granted, most of the time we get this question it is just some jerk trying to get under our skin, but as unbelievable as it may sound, there are still some people who look us in the eye and ask because they truly wonder.

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The simplest answer is easily summed up in two words.

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