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It’s a story that occasionally makes people squirm but for the most part has been determined a “meet cute.” So it amazes me that while my boyfriend and I happily parrot our story of connecting over a carcass, there are online daters out there who are anxious to keep their process a secret.

RELATIONSHIPS: The danger of being JUST FRIENDSThere are, in my peer group of men and women in their late 20s through to mid-40s, a number of people who date online or met their significant other online and don’t want the world to know.

I have two very happily married friends who bristle if you mention that they met through a personal ad on Craigslist.

An acquaintance briefly dated a man she met on Ok Cupid, and he insisted they tell friends that they met in a café.

RELATIONSHIPS: How to write a LOVE LETTER “Nora,” a Toronto-based friend who asked that I not use her real name, has been dating online for about four years and is still reluctant to talk about it. “I value my privacy and professionalism, and I don’t like the idea that anyone I know could come across this profile of me trying to sell myself.” While reasons for online-dating shame vary, there’s a consensus on at least one: People associate it with desperation.

“Part of romantic love, which came along a couple of centuries ago, included the notion that our search for love was a measure of our own desirability in the world,” says Dan Slater, author of .

“To admit that you needed help was tantamount to admitting that you couldn’t pull off your search yourself.” “Dana,” an acquaintance in Toronto who also prefers not to disclose her real name, just can’t get comfortable with a love life on the Internet.

“They even try to lie to ,” she says, “and I was there at the very beginning.” The statistics show that online dating has broken well into the mainstream.

I met my boyfriend while he was killing a chicken, and I’ve never been reluctant to repeat this story.

In his defence, he was killing his own chicken, which he had lovingly raised for over a year, and it was for dinner, not some bizarre ritual.

“I realized that the stigma still exists and it’s like ‘Why hasn’t someone chosen me by now?

Plenty of Fish claims that three million Canadians were active on the site in 2012, and, according to the , the online dating industry in North America has grown from million in revenue in 2000 to over .5 billion.

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So why is anyone still reluctant to admit that they do it?