Cartoon computer dating service

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Cartoon computer dating service

Contains over 250 restored and enhanced cartoons about Robots, Office, Computer Dating, Calculators, Computers, and related technology. Laugh, chuckle, giggle or groan and have a little cybernetic fun!

We'll create a custom cartoon that is appropriate for your business and for your target market.Give us a call and we'll develop a special cartoon that will help your website stand out from the competition.John Klossner has been drawing technology cartoons for more than 15 years.Today's IT security department must manage both internal and external threats' ranging from malware to mobile device vulnerabilities, to cloud security and ransomware. Brian also co-produced the retro i OS game Structris.

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Brian designed, edited, and co-produced several books including: "Nibble Viewpoints: Business Insights From The Computing Revolution," "What's Where in the Apple: Enhanced Edition," and "The WOZPAK: Special Edition" – an important Apple II historical book with Steve Wozniak's restored original, technical handwritten notes as well as a forward from Steve Wozniak and other Apple legends.