Christian dating watchdog

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Christian dating watchdog

WE BELIEVE that the purpose of the law is to ensure that we can live in peace and harmony and to restrain behaviours that harm the community’s well being, as well as to protect personal freedom.

Moral Law: All laws relate to issues of right and wrong and how people should live.Many Australian laws are drawn from our Judeo-Christian heritage, as contained in the Bible.Australians share common core values, which whilst not unique to Australia, are expressed in our own unique way.Drawing on colloquialisms, our values include such things as being ‘fair dinkum’, and the value of a ‘fair go for all’.In a time when many of our institutions are under constant attack, we have respect for our government, judiciary, police, church and community leaders, and many others.

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WE BELIEVE that marriage, families and the intrinsic value of human life from its beginning to end, should also be respected and valued.