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This person clearly knew what they were doing, and despite our best efforts we have not yet been able to resolve the issues caused by the hack.

The hack was clearly aimed to cause maximum disruption on our busiest night of the year, and we deeply regret that we won't be able to spend election night with our great community of members.We ask for your patience while we continue to work to fix this problem, and while we do not have a time frame we will do our best to get DU back online as soon as possible. If anyone has any information about the hack, or has knowledge that might help us to fix it, please feel free to contact us: [email protected] will be posting updates on Facebook and Twitter. Never has a young Canadian politician looked more smitten than Peter Mac Kay when he met then U. Worn out by the heavy demands of her job, Rice had decided to give President George W.(Further note that passwords on DU are "hashed" and saved in a cryptographically scrambled format rather than as plain text, so if the hacker could access a member's password information they would not have direct access to the password itself -- only to the hash.) We can say for certain that donor data, such as credit card numbers or addresses, were not compromised because that information is handled by Pay Pal and never passes through to our servers.

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We are not going to bring our website back online until we believe that we are no longer vulnerable to attack and our members' user information is secure.

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