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If it was a show about how to effectively and economically make the most of farming equipment and practices, it would never make it to a time slot that large audiences would tune in to.

If that’s what you are chasing, then there is a program on the ABC on Sundays at lunch that is probably more up your alley.2.

Television dating shows are a unique situation whereby a handful of farmers are given an opportunity to find a partner.

Sometimes it actually works, and other times it fails miserably, creating some awkward and enthralling viewing for audiences.

“It’s all scripted.” As much as I would love to say I wish that were true, the harsh reality is that if The Farmer and I had a camera in our face for twenty four hours, of which fifteen minutes would be used, I can assure you that we would come across as a pair of socially inappropriate, verbally challenged, juvenile delinquents.

Add a producer whose job it is to get me to repeat myself occasionally and you would have television gold and personal shame.

I guarantee that the reason these farmers have applied to be on this show is that they have previously struggled (for the most part) with their on farm/off farm work and life balance.4.

The photographic evidence of me feeding poddy calves and tagging along the back of a motorcycle are awful enough.

I believe that most girls are giggling and nervous around someone they like at the best of times; let alone when a camera is following along.

Among the many things I find myself doing, I write a recap of a popular reality television dating show.

Recently there has been much discussion on how accurately programs like this portray life on a farm and life with a farmer. “It doesn’t accurately represent life on a farm.” They are not supposed to be accurately portraying life on a farm.

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Furthermore, there has been some level of success in the past with this program.