D3 stuck at updating files

Posted by / 12-Jan-2016 08:10

D3 stuck at updating files

In order to fix this problem, start Diablo 3 and disable these effects from the options menu.

Many Windows 10 users are fans of Diablo 3, but unfortunately, Diablo 3 has certain issues on Windows 10, and today we’re going to address those issues.

If you want to know more about this tool and overclocking in general, we wrote an article about the best overclocking software for Windows 10, so you might want to have a look at it.

Solution 1 – Make sure that your drivers are up to date Diablo 3 crashes can be caused by outdated video driver, therefore if you’re experiencing any issues with Diablo 3, we strongly urge you to update your drivers first.

Many users reported that downloading the latest drivers for their graphic card fixed the crashing issues, so make sure you try that.

Driver Agent Plus quickly and automatically downloads all the drivers that you need: Solution 2 – Set Battle Net and Diablo 3 to power saving mode Few users claim that they solved the crashing issues with Diablo 3 by setting both the game and the Battle Net client to run in power saving mode from Catalyst Control Center.

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Users reported that this solution was helpful to them, so feel free to try it.

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