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Dating american waltham pocket watches

This one (which cost about 20 including delivery from Hong Kong) is reminiscent of the "direct read" digital watches of the 1960's/1970's.The watch is powered by a mechanical, 21 jewel automatic movement.: Perhaps not a true "jump hour" as such, what they've done here is replace the hour and minute hands with dials that are numbered anti-clockwise.

In 2011 there was a significant upsurge in the number of bronze-cased watches made by so-called "micro" watch companies that produce watches in very small numbers compared to mainstream brands.Bronze watches are produced by the likes of Anonimo, Helson, Kazimon, Magrette, Olivier and Zenton not to mention Panerai, although the latter can hardly be called a micro producer!The two movements are then fused together to form a double-sided, hand-winding watch with hands independently adjustable on each side giving dual time zone functionality.Alternatively, the hands on each side can of course be set to the same time and you can then just wear the watch whichever way up you like.: 6E/50 is not a manufacturer but a military code assigned by the British Air Ministry during World War 2 to a type of pocket watch issued to observers and navigators in the Royal Air Force.

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These watches are very similar to the GSTP watches issued to the British Army (see examples below) except that they lack luminescent paint on their dials and hands.