Dating foreign service single site

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Dating foreign service single site

IFS was created by the Government of India in October 1946 through a Cabinet note Officers of the IFS are recruited by the Government of India on the recommendation of the Union Public Service Commission.

Fresh recruits to the IFS are trained at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) after a brief foundation course at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie.

The Indian Foreign Service holds the distinction of giving India its- President, Vice President, Speaker of Lok Sabha, Foreign Minister and many distinguished Statesmen in past and present.

The service is entrusted to conduct diplomacy and manage foreign relations of India.

It is the body of career diplomats serving in more than 180 Indian Diplomatic Missions and International Organisations around the world.

In addition, they serve at the headquarters of the Ministry of External affairs in Delhi and the Prime Minister's Office.

It is one of the two premier Civil Services (other being IAS), as appointment to IFS renders a person ineligible to reappear in Civil Services Examination.Negotiating exercises like this are routine and vital part of Indian diplomats' job profile.Here, President Obama and Prime Minister Modi are with their diplomats in an expanded bilateral meeting at Hyderabad House, New Delhi.They also head the Regional Passport Offices throughout the country and hold positions in the President's Secretariat and several ministries.Foreign Secretary of India is the administrative head of the Indian Foreign Service.

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Consequently, the External Affairs Department was set up separately under the direct charge of the Governor-General.