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What drives men over 50 to pursue women is as primal as social. Over 50 men are able to start second families, albeit with younger women, but not the other way around.

I've worked with men for 25 years, and the majority considered solitude unbearable.

Every boomer woman knows that the overwhelming majority of men over 50 can't be alone.

Women seem more controlled in terms of wanting an emotional component to become sexual again.

But men are also driven to be in relationships for a reason just as big as sex: so they don't have to be alone.When they try, it's nearly always with younger, tight-bodied women who fuel their sexual fantasies. Ask any woman over 50 who dates online about the quality of available men, and they'll tell you that few measure up to even their most basic needs.Is there anyone on the planet who honestly doesn't know why older men date younger women? Some women contend that the good men are all taken, and what's available online are the leftovers.My point isn't what's fair or unfair, but rather that many boomer men date younger women exclusively, relegating a vast number of incredible boomer women to wonder if or when men will ever "get it" when it comes to what they're missing in terms of dating, sex and relationships with women their age.Men and women are equally eager to respond to their sexual desires, particularly after long, self-imposed sexual dry spells in bad marriages.

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Making it worse, few men have close men friends to spend time with.