Dating mastery seminar

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Dating mastery seminar

At 21 years old, I built Lifestyle Transformations and hosted dozens of seminars and events to help men become more confident and attract women into their life.I also did a lot of “life coaching” back then too and am blessed to say that I’ve been able to have had an impact on thousands of men through that business.I recently had a subscriber ask if I had any old video footage of myself public speaking.Well, I ended up digging around on an old hard drive and found some video footage of myself public speaking at a Dating Mastery Seminar.Without further adieu, check out the video and enjoy! The following list of 41 rules is a great guideline of things to follow when trying to master your dating life.A dating advice guide from one of the Worlds leading dating coaches.Download now if you are looking to meet the woman of your dreams, go on more dates and learn the little known dating secrets that most men will never know about women and dating Neil Ward is the founder and head coach at Top Dating Coach, one of the World's leading dating advice companies delivering seminars, books and courses for men all over the World to improve their dating lives and find the woman of their dreams.

I look much different back then (with hair) and was “bulking up” for fitness purposes as well.

I’ve included the first 3 chapters to give you a good idea of what to expect from this awesome and comprehensive dating advice book.

They have been researched and tested for your very own use and toil.

Be sure to try them ALL out and try your very best to adhere to them when you can!

If you don’t know my history, when I was 21 years old I started a dating coaching business to help other men overcome the challenges that I faced to be confident and attract a girl into my life.

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I was shy and awkward with women growing up, so I made it my mission to change myself from 17 to 21.