Dating painting by s walters

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More than 80 years later, the story of Marie-Therese Walter and her affair with the stranger who took her by the arm that day outside a Paris Metro station is on the way to becoming one of art’s most lucrative encounters.This landmark painting of the teenager who became his lover is to go on sale next week with an estimate of up to £18million.This painting, dating to the twelfth century AH / eighteenth CE, depicts three women seated within two leafy bowers.The Nayaka (female lover or heroine) sits alone, while her two female companions, known as sakhis, converse in the other bower.The painting may represent Utka nayaka, a classification for heroines who are awaiting or yearning for their lovers.Often, they are shown on a bed of flowers or leaves that they have prepared in expectation of meeting their lovers.In the landscape are animals engaged in various activities.An outcrop of rocks in the distance forms a horizon, above which is a blue sky streaked with light gray or white washes to suggest a thin layer of high clouds.

Once she got used to the motions she made with her lips to move the treats, the keepers replaced these with blobs of non-toxic paint.Manuscript Description (in a new window) | TEI (XML format) | View at art.The following URLs are assured to route to the named resources. All images listed on this page are of books and manuscripts from private collections and were imaged at the Walters Art Museum.Unless otherwise indicated all images and associated data linked to from this page are released for free under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license for anyone who wants to use them.They are also very coveted among the staff at Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden.They have been made into Zoo stationary, given as special thank you gifts to donors, and raffled to benefit Indian rhino conservation.

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It is one of a series of works that Marie-Therese inspired.

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