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Luckily, the Uni-verse wanted to teach me a lesson that day. But it wasn’t until that moment that I could hear the message.I headed to Whole Foods still in my miserable state and while wandering the aisles I “randomly” bumped into a friend. In the cab ride home I was clutching the flowers and crying again, but this time out of joy. Love is always in abundant supply if we can open our minds to see it.

I consoled myself….”he’s probably going to give me a call later or send flowers,” I thought. I went to a workout class and balled my eyes out thinking, “He forgot about me.

My friend hugged me and said, “Will you come with me for a second? If so, I invite you to try out an exercise I recommend to my clients called “looking for evidence of love.” Instead of focusing on the love that you think is missing right now, start focusing on all of the ways you are already loved right now.

He doesn’t care about me.” Every time I checked my phone loving texts, Facebook messages and voicemails were streaming in. Instead, I sunk deeper into my despair because I hadn’t received anything from .

My sadness turned to anger and I started to attack him in my mind.

He asked me how I was doing and how it was going with my guy. What I realized in that moment is love is NEVER missing, it’s only our perception that makes us think it is. When we focus on ove and being open to receiving love in all its forms, love is what we will feel.

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I started to tear up as I told him it was my birthday and that he had forgotten it. Here I was receiving flowers from a man on my birthday after all. Are you suffering right now because you think you don’t have love from one special person in your life?