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Daniel Goleman, the author of the powerful book “Emotional Intelligence” wrote something profound in his recent book “Social Intelligence”… Maybe we see a girl we’d like to approach, or we’re on a date with a woman and we want to kiss her… We lose our minds, we get freaked out by our emotions, and we don’t do the right thing. Because something happened in our past that made some kind of imprint on us, and it’s coming up – either consciously or unconsciously – and it’s causing us to hesitate. What if you could actually stay AWARE, calm, and present when you need to with women? The Man Transformation Program is designed to help you do JUST THAT – to actually go inside and RE-WIRE your imprints and your triggers, so you focus and use your power to succeed – instead of using your power to sabotage your success.

Dear Friend, If you’d like to literally TRANSFORM yourself into a man who REALLY understands women and attraction, a man who can control his mind and emotions in every key situation with women so he can SUCCEED with women, and a man who knows exactly what to do in every situation with women, then take the next few minutes and really STUDY this letter.

It IS the key to success that you’ve been looking for… ” he is actually saying something from what he thinks he is saying.

It’s important that you read this , because inside, I’m going to share a few lessons that will improve your success with women IMMEDIATELY. It’s your self esteem, your confidence, and your state of mind, body, and emotion. A woman’s reasons for wanting to be with a man are complex. When a man asks if he can buy a woman dinner, what he’s REALLY saying is “I don’t think you’d want to be with me just because you’re really going to enjoy being in my presence, so maybe you’d agree to spend time with me if I give you something.” And he’s also saying, on a subtle level…

And I also guarantee you that these techniques and ideas relate to YOU PERSONALLY. I decided that it would be worth the extra time for me to share some of the actual content of my new Man Transformation training program – so you could benefit whether you decide to be a part of the program or not. “Interaction” is the process of approaching women, creating attraction, and using body language. You probably have no idea why a woman would want to actually BE with you… “I don’t believe that women are attracted to me.” One of the reasons why we have so much trouble describing these types of things is that WORDS are the tools we use to describe them. Why does a woman want to be with a man in a romantic or sexual way, ANYWAY? “Yes, but what do I SAY to get her to feel those feelings you’re talking about? Here’s my point: If you don’t understand the inner motivations that women have, and you don’t understand how to give women the experiences and feelings that they want, then you don’t stand a CHANCE of attracting and keeping a “Total 10”… It’s amazing that we can grow up, make it to adulthood, learn how to walk, read, write, and drive… After working on this area of success for many years (especially the past year), I’ve realized that there are “tricks” to getting yourself to actually DO the things you know you I now think that the ILLUSION of self-control is one of the things that PREVENTS self-control!

and no one ever told us that would could actually learn how to USE THEM! Lately, the scientific and psychological communities are starting to realize something very interesting about our brains and emotional systems. What if you got yourself into a cool, calm, optimistic state of mind, and THEN “pulled up” some of your memories and imprints?

It’s a breakthrough that I consider one of the most miraculous possible. Here’s how this works: Every time you remember something, you CHANGE the memory. and we’ve REINFORCED this pattern, this response, and this behavior! What if you changed how you remember your experiences and imprints, but do it while you’re feeling GREAT?

“Intimacy” is the new “relationship” that is created when a man and a woman connect on a romantic level. If you’re like I was when I started learning, then you probably can’t quite put your finger on the actual reason WHY you want more success with women. The reason it’s so hard to answer these questions, and explain these things, is that you CAN’T do it with words. You want to be more successful with women to get a FEELING. …and all the fancy WORDS in the world won’t help you. but we can’t get ourselves to do things that we KNOW are in our own best interest. If you watched my blog video a few days ago, then you saw me talk about the book “Change or Die”… Start now: Admit to yourself that you’re out of control, and you don’t know what to do about it. I’ll talk more about this in the live portion of this program, but if you don’t know EXACTLY how to make yourself take action, then you are essentially hopeless. If you’ll get yourself to this program, I’ll take it from there. My guess: Something happened to you at some point in your life… and it’s now sabotaging you and It’s a tragedy that we didn’t enter High School in 9th Grade and walk into our first class called “How to create and build attraction with the opposite sex.” The horribly un-sexy movies we had to watch, and the STERILE, awkward presentations we were given did a lot more harm than good, as far as I’m concerned.

Ernest Rossi, a guy who spent much of his life studying the great hypnotherapist Milton Erickson, has an interesting recent book called “The Psychobiology Of Gene Expression” (don’t ask, he’s a geek, OK? In this book, right in the beginning, he says that “Every recall is a reframe” – meaning that every time you recall a memory, you put it into a new “frame” or context. What if you went further, and actually put some imprints inside of yourself…

In other words, you SEE IT DIFFERENTLY, and CHANGE IT. is being in a situation where we get STOPPED or SABOTAGED by our emotions. that led to you NOT getting negatively triggered when you’re in important situations with women?

In fact, we all have imprints that are running our lives… You’ve got emotional memories in your unconscious mind that are literally making critical judgments and decisions FOR YOU. Even if you can’t remember this happening, I know that you have an INTUITIVE sense of this. ” We lost the game before we could get into the race. Well, a simple place to start is with the PROCESS of what’s happening. It went something like this: Basically, your MEMORY triggered an EMOTION…which then led to you doing something you wouldn’t have done if you were in a cool, calm, optimistic state of mind.

You’ll be talking to a woman in line at the store, and you’ll realize that you should get her email and phone number… No one ever told us that we had amazing NATURAL mechanisms inside of us for creating attraction and connecting with women… Is it possible that you could take these same “puzzle pieces” and rearrange them in a different way – and get very different results?

You might not have ALL the answers, but you’re certainly smart enough to know a few of the things you ? Whether you have or not, you definitely what they are. And we all have both positive AND negative imprints. “Jennifer, I would like to perform sexual intercourse with you.

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You know that there are certain things you should do to take better care of your health, but you don’t do them… And you already know some of the things you should do to have more success with women… Have you ever been in a situation with a woman where you wanted to do or say something, but you remembered something bad that happened in the past in a similar situation, and remembering it caused you to NOT do or say it? But most of us guys aren’t typically of just how much our past imprints run our lives. Is your labia majora engorged with blood and receptive to my glans?

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