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We all know that dating is not at all a new concept. Most social networking apps have been readily accepted by Indian users - whether they're matrimonial-based, message-based or even image-based.

If you really are looking for a crazy companion, it's time to explore the Indian dating sites. Come and explore who deserves you and ask out freeky without any hours of flower and chit games. For sites that don't have such a filter, women have to rely on their instincts.Sen has until now met one guy through one such dating site, which turned out to be a pleasant experience. You'll find weird men everywhere, but you need to have a proper filter in place." For Sen, her filter is grammar."Men using slang like 'ma place' or 'ma friends' is a sign there is something wrong with the guy." Giving love a bad name: Most girls who spoke about registering for online dating sites said that they weren't comfortable talking about it with their friends.Plucking a pretty flower and then wasting time over “He likes me, he likes me not". Come on, after all, you are the youth of this country. So when the time is teaching you the law of nature, why do you want to break it and waste your euphoric youth?

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It's high time that you forget about those archaic methods of "FLAMES" and pluck the leaves of beautiful flowers to know if someone is really "The One", just a good friend or do you have some strings attached or would it just be the 'No stems attached' game for you. Follow the ages old tradition, and follow our Indian culture with every Indian youth waiting for "His crazy cutie " and "Her Handsome Hunk" are waiting over Indian dating sites.

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