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Direct sexmeets

The LA Times got sucked into this mess, and a reporter at the LA Times was fired for his inappropriate relationship with his source: The ambiguous LA Times/Occidental rift.(Columbia Journalism Review) Faculty no confidence votes have occurred against Dean of Students Barbara Avery and other administration officials.Inside The Sexual Assault Civil War At Occidental College (Buzz Feed) The Pepper Hamilton report was commissioned by Occidental “to provide an objective and neutral audit and assessment of the College’s response to sexual and gender-based harassment and violence under Title IX…” But the members of the OSAC were livid with it’s results: Pepper Hamilton report draws criticism from faculty members (Occidental Weekly) While too many to list, it is interesting to highlight some of the individuals involved and their connections: Occidental has some special relationships with the federal government: the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has been the source of many of the pressures on schools, and now coincidentally, Ted Mitchell, the former president of Occidental College, is now the undersecretary of the Department of Education, in charge of issues affecting colleges and universities.

The Oxy Sexual Assault Coalition (OSAC) has been willing to go on the attack in the press. A.] Weekly by a source at Occidental show that the locked workspace of the woman with whom [LA.For example: Heldman says Dean of Students Barbara Avery told her, “I admit my staff has been basically rejecting all of your ideas because faculty are too pushy on this issue.” OCR vs. Times Reporter] Felch had become romantically involved, a professor [Heldman?Along with Professor Movindri Reddy, the two have been outspoken critics of the College.To understand her extreme partisanship, Caroline Heldman’s words speak for themselves. Magazine intern (and Occidental campus newspaper editor), Men Sue in Campus Sexual Assault Cases, Caroline Heldman stated, “These lawsuits are an incredible display of entitlement, the same entitlement that drove them to rape.” (The piece backfired in the article’s comments and across the web with commentary stating that the right to defend oneself against false accusations does not show “incredible entitlement,” but rather a fundamental constitutional right.) Professor Reddy is a co-signer of An Open Letter to the Faculty Members Who Helped to Pass the No Confidence Vote, a direct attack on the Dean of Students and other school administrators.Occidental College, a small liberal arts college in Los Angeles, provides an illuminating example of the internal battles that are occurring between radical feminist faculty and administrators, with students caught in the middle.

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This particularly extreme example provides a window into the obsessions and paranoia within the campus.

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