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Explicit sex chatvrooms

One of the “earliest and ultimately most prominent victims” was a Canadian teen named Amanda Todd who was 13-years-old in 2010 when she frequented teen chat rooms to meet other teens.

Last year, a 31-year-old man from Jacksonville, Florida, was convicted and sentenced to 105 years in prison on nine counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.He coerced over 350 girls, aged 13-18, whom he met through internet chat rooms, to first expose themselves on camera, where he would record them, and then he used that as blackmail.Now the predator says if you don’t send me more or let me take more photos or videos of you, I’ll send this one to your family and friends, or post it on social media.So, the child allows it to happen again and again because they’re scared.He says the predator’s goal is to make the acts sound like “everybody does it so it’s okay.” Sometimes this takes a long time, and predators are patient because they are grooming their victims.

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But, once that first photo is sent, everything changes.

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