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That’s the day he got a call from Mc Greevey Chief of Staff Jamie Fox.Fox put Mc Greevey on the line, who asked Hagan, the deputy chief of staff, to come to Drumthwacket, the governor’s mansion.By Matt Arco and Matt Friedman/The Star-Ledger TRENTON — A decade ago today, even the most grizzled Trenton political veterans gasped when Gov.Jim Mc Greevey announced to the world that he was a "gay American" and would resign after disclosing an extramarital affair with a man he’d put on the state payroll despite spotty qualifications.

But it wasn’t until Aug 11 that it all crystalized," Hagan said.He said at one point, "Mc Greevey came up to me and said ‘Hey Ray, I have to tell you something. "I could best explain them thinking back as sorrow and anger.Sorrow that the governor’s career was coming to an end in such a fashion, and anger at Golan Cipel for how he tried to — I made no secret about it, I said it many times — he tried to extort the governor," he said.Looking back, Lesniak, who remains a state senator, says he still doesn’t think Mc Greevey should have resigned, though he acknowledged it was the best move for him personally."I think he should have just announced that he would finish his term and concentrate on being the best governor he could," he said. But for him I think it proved to be the right course, because he’s gotten his life back together and is doing good things for himself and the community." THE LOYAL STAFFER: Kevin Hagan Hagan, then 28, first realized something was up weeks earlier, during the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

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He returned the next day, where they finalized the plans for the resignation.

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