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While it's only available to i Pad, i Phone, and Mac users, Apple's Face Time video chat app has an intuitive interface and excellent quality.

However, other players in the video chat market such as Fring, Oovoo, Skype, and Tango can make face-to-face calls to Android and Apple devices, and some can conduct multi-party video calls with four or more people.

On the i Phone, you'll need to activate Face Time in the phone settings before making any video calls.

You'll also want to remember to turn on Wi-Fi since Face Time doesn't work on AT&T or Verizon's 3G networks.

On those devices, Face Time is a standalone, pre-installed application.

For the i Phone 4, Face Time works as a feature within the Phone and Contacts apps.

You'll need the e-mail address associated with it to log into Face Time and make calls.

On the i Phone 4, Face Time works much like making a phone call.

For the i Pod Touch and i Pad 2, a Face Time application is added to the home screen by default.

The next step in the process is to set up an Apple ID (if one hasn't been set up already).

When you pull up a contact with an active Face Time account, Face Time appears with options to text, call, or e-mail that person.

So should Apple fans stick to Face Time exclusively, or should they opt for other apps that open up communication to more users?

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Because the i Pad 2 and i Pod touch don't have phone numbers, Face Time works differently on them than on the i Phone 4.

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