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Two Bound powerhouses come face-to-face in Naked Kombat, where fighters engage in real combat for three 8-minute rounds, whereupon the winner gets his way with the loser in the final Sex Round.

In the third round of this bout, these muscle studs are slipping, sliding and slamming — with water gushing from above.

Being part of a secret naked male society is something only open to the hottest guys with the tightest mouths and butts.

One cock up these lads arses and they’ll all be bound to secrecy.

John eventually submits and finds himself subjected to a hot fucking on the mats from Alex’s prodigious boy’s cock, taking his considerable shaft like a man.

The tables are turned when John wants to cum, holding down Alex and cumming all over his angelic face.

Muscle studs Nick and Tyler are both tops, and they wrestle hard not to end up at the bottom.

Two muscle studs are yanked off of the streets and made to fight.

The animal aggression these gays have to expend is their business alone.

What happens at the Underground Wreslers Club stays at the club….

In this strange sci-fi world, H3 — a third-generation holographic moderator — runs the show for an unseen force. Only when H3’s creator is satisfied may the winner receive his freedom.

These two erotic guys both have a complete lack of inhibition enabling them to rassle with each other, tearing off the opponents lycra revealing their cute sexy bodies, Alex’s rippling six pack and John’s extensive range of tattoos.

They don’t worry about the cameras-only people who appreciate hot hard rough naked one on one action will want to watch.

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This is about keeping lean and mean; being part of an male wrestling club is the stuff of fucking hot dreams.