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Hannah murray dating joe dempsie

Original Episode # Prod # Air Date Titles _____ ______ ___________ ___________ ___________________________________________ Season 1 1.

quite a few of those young actors who’ve come on to do really well. From getting up at five in the morning, to getting down to the stables making sure the horses are washed and cleaned.

It’s never going to come easy, but easier for sure.” The likes of Nicholas Hoult have used Skins as a really successful springboard.

How did it help you find bigger and more interesting parts, do you think?

2009 saw him shoot to fame as the weed-smoking, skateboarding adolescent Freddie Mc Clair from Skins’ Second Generation, until his character met a grisly end. “I lost my appetite pretty soon after that.” This year, Camrbridgeshire-born Pasqualino bounces dramatically back, starring in both historical melodrama The Borgias alongside Jeremy Irons and sci-fi action thriller Snowpiercer – shot in Prague with “dear friend” John Hurt. I was aware from the very start that you know you’re never going to get every role that you go up for.

Wonderland caught up with the actor just after he’d finished dusting off his barnyard-appropriate attire, playing D’Artagnan in high budget BBC series The Musketeers. I think you have to be quite a resilient soul and if you can get over that, the rest of it will come easy.

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