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The truth is, no two "isms" are alike and when public figures insist on juxtaposing them for the sake of headlines, they merely succeed in diminishing the importance of both "isms", whilst making themselves look a bit daft.In this instance, the crux of Bercow's argument has been usurped by the "battle of the isms".As someone who has run an open online forum for body image debate for the past eight years I can say with some authority that men are about 200% less likely to admit to feeling insecure about their bodies than women; for short men to speak up about their body image anxiety is virtually unheard of.Thus, the entire point of the thing was, sadly, quite spectacularly missed.

This week, Commons Speaker John Bercow (who is five foot six) compared prejudice against short men to racism and homophobia.

He claimed that mocking a person for their stature was “somehow acceptable” in a society where similar jibes over skin colour or sexuality would be universally condemned. Inevitably, Bercow’s comments sparked various television and radio debates about whether or not "height-ism" is, in fact, comparable with other, more widely recognised social bigotries.

Yet just because heightism isn’t on a par with racism or homophobia, doesn’t make it unworthy of discussion.

In 2010 MP Simon Burns famously referred to John Bercow as a “stupid, sanctimonious dwarf” and Bercow uses this comment as an example of short prejudice in action. When someone violently disagrees with you, don't be surprised if your physique comes under scrutiny.

I’m "curvy" or "hourglass’"or "statuesque", until I say something people disagree with on national television, at which point I instantly become a "fat cow".

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But there I go comparing sizism to heightism, which will (rather tediously in my opinion) probably prompt someone to point out that I could go on a diet if I wanted, whereas Bercow cannot, medical advancements pending, have extra inches added onto his legs.

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