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Hory chat rooms

The owner of Shitty Wok has actually paid for what he calls "a tower of peace." [the Tower of Peace is shown] to symbolize harmony between the two restaurants [voice-over] Konnichiwa, my fine Japanese friend. Takiyama leaves his sample display booth and goes into the tower] Butters, come on! Pearl Harbor kind of sneaky; I think we can all be a rittle sneaky sometimes, hm? Both of them have gone all out to celebrate Asian culture. [pizza delivery man takes over] Excuse me, did someone order a pizza? Janus takes over] Yes, that was me, but I'm a little busy at the moment. [Mean Guy takes over as Butters enters an attic room or a penthouse floor] You'll never turn me in, Inspector Butters! A cashier comes to the door and opens it] You can count on Postman Butters! As he does so, the cashier makes a ball out of the flyer and tosses it away. Six seconds later, Butters is fully awake] Okay, kids, today we have a special assembly, m'kay. Butters doesn't notice, but instead sees a woman coming up and hands her a flyer] Special delivery, ma'am. The woman crumples up her flyer and tosses it away] Here you are, sir. Today we're going to learn about "the diversity of Asian people." Please welcome Mr. The postman stops at a kitchenware place and knocks on the door. Janus unzips his pants, pulls out his dick and urinates all over Butters, puts his penis away, zips his pants up, and punches Butters HARD several times before running out of the bedroom. "Shake that." A techno song comes on, followed my Mr. Among all that is a small postman who looks pretty familiar. [nothing happens for three more hours, so Butters fast-forwards to in the morning, when Dr.

It's so great that Chinese and Japanese are finarry getting arong. Takiyama looks up, but doesn't see anyone up there] Prease, come meet me on top of the Tower of Peace. [Tuong Lu Kim's image begins to rubs its hands together] Yesss, and when you get to the top of that tower you're gonna get a rittle surprise, you Japane- Oh, sorry.

He then lights it and begins throwing in more of his costumes, which are in a cardboard box labeled "Butters' Play Clothes"] That does it, you hear me?! No more Postman Butters, No more Inspector Butters, no more Porn Star Butters, no more Professor Chaos, and no more- [a bicycle horn stops him, and he holds on to his Professor Chaos mask. Janus on a child's tricycle glaring at him] Waaahh! As he does, he tosses the Professor Chaos mask back into the cardboard box. Here's a news report] Tom, I'm standing in the heart of South Park's Little Tokyo, where the multitude of our town's Chinese are putting on a festival. [runs to the end of a hall and knocks on the door found there. He looks up and gasps at what he sees: walls covered in newspaper headlines about City Sushi and its chef, and one word written in blood: KILL. Janus reaches the room and Butters looks over his shoulder. Janus squints his face and combs over his hair: it's...] [takes out a cigarette, clips the end off, and lights it] Yes, I'm afraid my Tower of Peace was a rittle bit of trickery, Mr. I'm going to put an end to you, and everyone gonna think it's just because you did what Japanese people ruve doing most. Of all his multiple personalities, the strongest was Lu Kim. They try and shut down my Shitty Wok, but they never wiiiiill.

[the man balls up and tosses his flyer away] Brand new sushi restaurant in town. He approaches the counter] Tom, a brand new sushi place has opened in South Park, adding to our booming Asian district.

[Butters sees another man and hands him a flyer] A flyer for you, from Postman Butters! With the addition of the new Chinese restaurant, townspeople are officially naming this whole Chinatown area "Little Tokyo." A tweaty? All these racist people thinka that a Chinese and a Japanese are the same, right? From what I understand, there are people living inside my head and they want to kill me.

So you and me, we put on a big assembry for all the kids are school, and then everyone understand curtural difference. It must be true, because now every night I wet the bed.

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You know, so they know fried rice isn't from Japan and teriyaki isn't from China. So tonight I'm gonna leave the camera on to see what exactly I become while I am sleeping.