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Mrs Arnott, who was married before she met her current husband and has a 38-year-old daughter, said she has always been able to 'pick and choose' her men, something which she believes is 'difficult' for other women to accept.Mrs Arnott revealed she had signed up to work as a mature model last year, and was overwhelmed when all the agencies told her how 'amazing' she looked, 'especially when they realised the photos had not been enhanced'.'Unfortunately I missed a modelling opportunity in the Seventies.I was very skinny but when I went for a casting at Lucy Clayton, an agency on Bond Street, they told me I was a little too broad and needed to lose half a stone for photographic work.However, Mrs Arnott said the rejection, and the fact that she was lonely and didn't have a boyfriend at the time, turned her into a 'sugar addict', so she went from eight stone to 10st 9lbs and 'completely blew' her modelling career.He laps it up and even sometimes likes to walk behind me on the pavement just to see what happens.People inevitably stare at me as I go by and people try and chat me up.'No one had heard of sugar addiction back then and it took a very long time to get over it but over after,' she said.'It was only in 1996, in my mid-30s, that I managed to lose the excess weight for good.

He would never say it in a bad way but he is always honest.''But I remember the moment it all made sense to me. Mrs Arnott, who believes her looks have almost caused car crashes and even cleans her car while wearing a bikini, said she doesn't work out - even though 'for some strange reason my body looks as though I do'.She added: 'My ex-husband used to get jealous but my husband Ian loves the attention I get.I was watching a TV programme and they had done some research to show that unless a man is really rich they don’t want a woman that looks too much like a model. The dramatic arrest comes 11 months after Tiahleigh's naked and decomposing body was found by fishermen dumped by the banks of the Pimpana River, 40 minutes from where she was last seen with Mr Thorburn at Marsden State School.

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Police will allege Rick Thorburn, 56, took his foster daughter's life after finding out his son Trent, 19, had been sexually assaulting her during the ten months she had been in the family's care, the Courier Mail reported.

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