Ilocano dating

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Ilocano dating

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Then that kinda unscientifically proves that other Philippine languages are indeed dying out and the prevalence of Tagalog......

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"" : decode URIComponent(results[1].replace(/\+/g, " ")); } var hidden, visibility Change; if (typeof document.hidden !== "undefined") { hidden = "hidden"; visibility Change = "visibilitychange"; } else if (typeof Hidden !of course, there's no suspension of the SSC rules and regulations. ohohoho, everytime i go home to ilocos i love discussing (kapatang) with my grandparents...nakakaaliw (makaparag-o / makaparay-aw) makinig sa mga old schooled, andami kung natutunang mga old fashioned ilocano words, parang hindi sila nauubusan.but the dilemma is translating these archaic words into english, i can perfectly understand what they're trying to say pero ang hirap i-express sa english...arrrrggghh.the host of the programme is "manong domeng" and "mabalin amin" means "fits all," it means you can write to him any peculiar story that you have, and if it passed his taste your story will be broadcasted into the whole ilocandia region.

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i added that phrase as an apery tantamount to saying "everything is allowed in this forum" as long as it relates to the many facets of the ilocano lifestyle.

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