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In order to do this "legally," they passed new laws that appeared, on the surface, to be neutral and fair to all races.

It also retained racial qualifications for the legislature.Consequently, black people had no power to combat the unfair laws.Minstrel shows were popular during that time, and they featured white actors in "black face," or black make-up.Because of this, the name Jim Crow represented the fact that Black Codes were based on racial disguise. July 21, 1940, in Sumter, SC) is a member of the U. House of Representatives from the state of South Carolina. The first session of the 114th Congress has enacted into law six out of the 2,616 introduced bills (0.2 percent).

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Clyburn was first elected by the voters of South Carolina's 6th Congressional District in 1992. Based on analysis of multiple outside rankings, Clyburn is an average Democratic member of Congress, meaning he will vote with the Democratic Party on the majority of bills. Comparatively, the 113th Congress had 1.3 percent of introduced bills enacted into law in the first session.

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