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Inviting waters and the warm hospitality have attracted people for generations.

JANET KIOKO, BEACH MAKER: Yeah, I'm loving the beach so much.

Some of the prostitutes are as young as eight and 10.

PAUL ADHOCH, HEAD, TRACE KENYA: I'll call it a crisis and it's an increasing crisis in the sense that, one, it's not even being addressed, it's not even being seen. One, we're making communities aware that relationship with mzungu (white man) or with any other person as such does not necessarily pull you out of poverty.

LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Imagine a town the size of Adelaide with tens of thousands of child sex workers. Well that is the case in the busiest port in East Africa, Mombasa.

MARTIN CUDDIHY: Paul Adhoch is the head of Trace Kenya. MARTIN CUDDIHY: Some of the children involved are from Kisauni.

It's an aid agency working to return trafficked children to their families and eradicate child prostitution. It's just five kilometres from the centre of Mombasa.

A few streets back from the beach, away from the resorts and pubs, women and men make life-changing decisions.

They're desperately poor and many sell their bodies to the tourists who come here.

I'm also coming here like every day, every time I've got some time, I go to the beach.

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MARTIN CUDDIHY: It's well known that Mombasa is the sort of place where you can buy a holiday companion, for a month, a week, a day or even for a couple of hours. For centuries, slaves from East and Central Africa would leave here bound for foreign shores. There are some estimates that in this city, there are as many as 40,000 child prostitutes.

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