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Reportedly, the 29-year-old revealed to Facebook fans that he has been working on music since his days as the host of BET's former music show, "Everything you wanted to know the rumors the relationships everything, I saved the answers for the album," explained Moss.The "Fresh As I'm Is" rapper revealed the new project will consist of a 10 track EP and will be the last music project of his career. The rumors of he and Banks' relationship began to circulate after her appearance on 106 & Park, where the two greeted one another with a "relationship-type" of kiss. Like do you know how far we can go If you could only believe in me Yeah, imagine that Did you know that I meant what I said When I told you I loved you, loved you And did you know I was really sincere When I couldn't go creepin', creepin' around And everything that I told you I be for you I could really be for you, baby Just give me, give me, give me a chance and Let me show you How I really feel Really feel for you You are everything, yeah Yeah Oh oh, yeah yeah, oh oh, yeah yeah Oh oh, yeah yeah, oh oh, yeah yeah So do you know I really wanna be here for you Anytime you call on me, baby And did you know we could be anything we want if you (Only could believe in us and)Give me your love don't (No, no don't) Baby, don't walk out Just give me a chance and Let me show you How I really feel Really feel for you, yeah You are everything, yeah Yeah Oh oh, yeah yeah, oh oh, yeah yeah Oh oh, yeah yeah, oh oh, yeah yeah Uh, she says, "Nas show me the inside of your Benz" I'm jus tryna show you trust and the beauty of being friends They just wanna love you and leave you, cut it and sleaze ya Tell the world how they beat ya I'm tryna show you something deeper Movie night at the crib, double feature Turn off your phone, you can moan We in the love making marathon You hit notes you never known In the streets, I need chrome and ammunition But at home, you just want me to listen Check it, your friends is hating 'cause they feel the dating Messing with you concentration And it kills 'em that I'm your fascination Picture life as my wife, just think Full length sable, seven carats in your navel Ballers inside the club, tryna send you they best But tattoo's on your chest spellin' N A STanning, no bikini in the sands of Fiji Miami in my Lamborghini, KC believe me That's why you got me singing Oh oh, yeah yeah, oh oh, yeah yeah Yeah, you know All I needed you to do is believe in us You know what I'm saying Guess that's the way love goes Oh, oh, oh, baby I love you baby but do you believe in me? / AKINYEMI, RAPHAEL / JONES, NASIR / BRISCOE, NIKESHIA Published by Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group Song Discussions is protected by U.

READ: Keyshia Cole Remixed Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ Just For The Ladies After taking a paternity test that confirmed reported boxing trainer Virgil Hunter is in fact her biological dad, Cole revealed that she became overwhelmed with emotions, and is currently in Oakland, Calif., spending precious time getting to know him.

Keyshia Cole (born October 15, 1981) is an American singer–songwriter, record producer, businesswoman, and television personality.

Rodriguez/Getty Images) Most celebrities vow to clear the air on many of the rumors that circle their personal lives by writing a tell-all book -- Bow Wow, however, is choosing another approach and has decided to set the record straight about his broken engagement and the real story behind he and Keyshia Cole's relationship with his new tell-all album.

More recently, it's been rumored that he and soul singer Cole, have been dating. Well according to Centric, Moss will let us know soon with his next and last album.

I knew at that time, a paternity test was in place, well the results are in, and this is my father!! I’m so excited, So excited with taking this a day at a time!!!

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” While in NYC I was overwhelmed with emotion, I explained while on stage at the Barclays, the situation I was faced with at that moment, which was, my father and I finding our way to each other, After 34 years.

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