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Mr Hank Rhon has been considered a potential candidate for the governorship of the state of Baja California in 2013.Following his arrest he was flown to Mexico City and 10 other people were also held.It once had 20,000 animals, five times as many as the famous San Diego Zoo over the border.Mr Hank Rhon even brought the killer whale that starred in the "Free Willy" films to a marine park in Mexico.He owns the Tijuana football team, a racetrack and a giant casino in the middle of the city.His vast compound includes a private zoo which is home to rare tigers, bears and elephants.Additionally, a 401 Unauthorized error was encountered while trying to use an Error Document to handle the request.The controversial self-proclaimed billionaire often wears a red crocodile-skin vest and ostrich skin boots, and has 19 children.

However, his wife issued a statement saying the weapons were all authorised for use by security personnel on the compound, which includes the tycoon's racetrack and soccer stadium.

Supporters claimed the arrest was politically motivated, coming ahead of Mexico's presidential election in 2012.

His family has strong links to the opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) which ruled Mexico for seven decades until 2000, during which time his late father Carlos Hank Gonzalez was a federal cabinet minister and mayor of Mexico City.

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In a 1999 report the US National Drug Intelligence Centre singled Mr Hank Rhon out as an associate of drug smugglers, but then Attorney General Janet Reno called the report incomplete and said its conclusions were "never adopted as official view." In 1988 two of his employees were convicted of killing a Tijuana journalist.

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