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I relate Jemma, I am a woman that just turned 40 a few days ago, been where you are but now I realize that if I disobey God just because He has not blessed me with a partner yet, I will be telling God that I do not trust Him with my life. I’ve often enjoyed life and my own company (and friends & loved ones) without continually dating.I am still trusting God for a husband and children of my own. I can attest, though, that the person who I was in a dating relationship back in 2008 ended up respecting me deeply after I left him for not exercising boundaries as it related to a female “friend” of his continually intruding in our relationship and also because we hadn’t had intercourse.I have also begun to believe that it is wise to date at least one or two other gentlemen within the same timeframe.Jemma, even in your frustration, your post is a real blessing. Your courage and straight-forward statement is refreshing.I am glad this forum is a place for us to dealing sincerely with these matters. In addition dating has never been easy nor frequent 4 me.

If the relationship was going nowhere fast, why rush to reveal my residence?I didn’t bother to continue seeing the guy & it saved me a lot of energy.The last guy I dated in October 2012, I didn’t even let him know where I lived.i figured that as a single lady looking out for my safety & preserving my personal space both literally and physically, there was no need for dude to be over here until we had at best developed trust and friendship.Many people will never be given a spouse, Christ himself said so… Just going to tell them that it will never happen, so they just don’t get to enjoy that particular gift from God? Instead they flaunt their marriages around and give those who are to be made eunuchs (many may not even know that’s their destiny) false statements about waiting for the right one. So many people have prayed for me over this, but it hasn’t happened, and now people are laughing at me.

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