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Statistically, many of the crimes are committed by people they trust: neighbours, teachers, caretakers, even parents and grandparents.

The 751 members of the group would take images of children off the web, often from social-media sites, and discuss what they would like to do with the children. AGE exposed the 'grooming' activities of predators.

A lack of awareness, and poor-to-no sex education in Malaysia, particularly among rural and more strictly religious communities, has been pointed out as a factor that makes Malaysian children particularly vulnerable to predators like Huckle.

These predators draw power from ignorance, and so many have gotten away." The first phase of Nursery Crimes, targets parents of very young children and is about getting this taboo and misunderstood topic into the spotlight, said Teoh.

KUALA LUMPUR - Sexual child abuse, unfortunately, has been making headlines in Malaysia recently.In the UK, Richard Huckle, now known as Britain's worst paedophile was convicted and given life in prison for the abuse of at least 23 children in Malaysia and Cambodia.This shed light on an issue that many in the strictly religious and rather sheltered nation deny is a problem.More recently, Malaysian activist Syed Azmi exposed a prolific chat group created to discuss sex with children and to share child pornography.That saved her." Teoh pointed out that before the Huckle case made headlines, there was next to no reportage on the issue in Malaysia.

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"Even now many here see it as a White-man disease, ignoring the fact that there are countless locals who are predators.