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Marathi girls sex adult

I don’t think that we have any right to take who we once were – who we still hope to be – for granted anymore.

Canadians believe in human rights and dignity for all. Being the kind, generous population that we think we are requires hard work, dedication and, likely requires that we disrupt our personal routine: I wonder if we haven’t all gotten a little lazy.

In the shadow of the US presidential election I find it nearly impossible to miss the “this could never happen here” chatter. I’m not convinced that this reputation totally applies to Canada any more. And if we are – I think we are very close to not being as inclusive and kind for much longer. We have been taking “who we are” for granted for a long time.

Being tough is a (badge) that you earn as you train.

(And like everything else) you lose (that badge) as soon as you stop being tough.

Natural talent can help you to be good, but only thorough and constant preparation will give you the confidence to be great—on demand.

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For the power of more to work, you have to want to do more on the bad days as much as you want it on the great days—even if the attempt isn’t nearly as much fun on bad days and you risk failing.

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