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This role earned him a nomination for an Oscar for Best Actor in 2006.It was while filming that Heath met Michelle Williams.While living in New York as an adult, he would often play chess in Washington Square Park.

, was found at in the afternoon by his masseuse and housekeeper.He was naked and unconscious on the floor at the foot of his bed at 421 Broome Street in So Ho, Manhattan.The weeks preceding Heath's death are clouded in mystery as there are divergent accounts of his behavior.The day after Ledger's death, the UK tabloid quoted Rebecca White, who was a 33-year-old former assistant to Naomi Campbell.Authorities did not suspect a crime but the big question was whether it was accidental or a suicide.

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Heath Ledger was born to a French teacher, Kim Ledger, and a racecar driver and mining engineer in Perth, Australia. An avid chess player, Ledger won Western Australia's junior chess championship at 10.