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Message nzdating

One on one is great, but NZDating goes better, providing the NZDating Messageboards, allowing you to mix with and find out more about other members, ask advice on dating and other questions.

Standard Members can store two photos, Silver members can store four and Gold members can store 40.Just by providing your real ISP email address such as [email protected] rather than a free or overseas email such as [email protected] will be instantly upgraded to a silver membership.For their own safety many members choose to not allow contact with free addresses such as Hotmail and this is one way to upgrade for free.Your email address is never revealed to other members and for the added trust in giving us your real address we provide silver members with the ability to store four photos, higher positions in search results and showing that we have a better idea that you are a real New Zealand user we provide a silver star beside your name.You can remain anonymous within NZDating using our own messaging and chat facilities for as long as you wish or until you decide to meet, phone or exchange emails.

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Best of all, all of these basic facilities are FREE!

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