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We soon learn Ceri finds everything funny and is laughing, for better or for worse, 80 per cent of the time."Wow," says Mauger, something he doesn't utter so much as once for the rest of the evening.

What follows is 23 car doors and 23 different women, most of which are well above average height and almost always blonde, peppered with the odd exception.

But this year's crop of single ladies all shared one thing in common – a certain air of desperation.

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Then finally, after what felt like an age, TV3 audiences were acquainted with the brand new Bachelor, Jordan Mauger."My friends and family have told me I'm at an age where it's time to settle down, and I happen to agree with them," said this season's leading man, as if 32 years old was borderline geriatric.

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There's Naz, the sassy Persian princess who "gets what she wants", but is definitely "just being herself".

Whatever it is, they make it very difficult to ignore.

"I just want a man, I'm lonely," bellowed a policewoman from Te Awamutu, who had already claimed ownership of four cats, a miniature pony with a scrunchie and a small community of farm animals.

Suddenly Mauger's expressing his love for classic cars. Christchurch-born Mauger is suddenly there again, this time donning double-denim, sharing his love of film. Next, it's Mauger busy at work, deep in conversation with a Ponsonby hipster, re-hashing film cutaways in a conventionally-cool, hardwood Auckland office that may or may not be his."This here, that there," Mauger instructs, taking the reigns in his staged place of work.

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"I got my hands on a 1985 De Lorean," he says, making a simultaneous reference to "I want what my brother has, seriously," he says, now armed with a newborn baby, again, at the dinner table. Suddenly, our new "Bach" is busy prepping for the evening ahead, his brand new Working Style suit tailored, right down to the Michael Hill cufflinks, before it's off to enjoy a scenic helicopter tour of Auckland Harbour, all harnessed up as though he's about to throw himself out of it, compliments of Helicopter Me.

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  2. By Jade Salazar “If you’re dating a woman who looks like a man, then why don’t you just date men? Granted, most of the time we get this question it is just some jerk trying to get under our skin, but as unbelievable as it may sound, there are still some people who look us in the eye and ask because they truly wonder.