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On 1 September a magistrate made a formal visit to Biko in his cell.

Biko complained that he had not even been permitted to wash himself.

He asked the magistrate for water and soap to wash himself and a washcloth and comb.

He asked: "Is it compulsory that I have to be naked?

On the morning of 6 September, Biko was taken from the Walmer Street prison by security police, and brought to Room 619, Sanlam Building, for interrogation. he was in the care of the 'night squad' (led by Lt. It was decided to transfer him to the prison hospital.

The police state that they were with him from 10.30 a.m. Wilken) naked, handcuffed and with one leg chained to a grille. Hersch informed Lang that the lumbar puncture showed the cerebrospinal fluid to be bloodstained. Keeley, by telephone; Keeley gave the opinion that there was no evidence of brain damage, but Biko should be kept under observation. and saw no objection to Goosen sending Biko on a journey of 740 miles by road to Pretoria.

Major Harold Snyman, head of the interrogation team of five, arrived at 7 a.m. Although the trousers Biko had been wearing (for the interrogation) and the blankets were now soaked with urine. He saw no reason why Biko should not be transferred back from hospital to the Security Police, provided he was kept under observation. Naked and manacled, he was left lying on the floor of a Land-Rover, with nothing except a container of water.

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and according to his statement, removed Biko's leg-irons and handcuffs.