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Need help updating drivers

A driver cleaner automates this last part — after the driver is uninstalled, the driver cleaner will look for leftover files and delete them for you.Conflicting driver files could result in crashes, slow-downs, and other glitches.If you were worried about running into driver conflicts when upgrading, you could uninstall the driver using its standard uninstaller and then go through your system, uninstalling the hardware device and deleting the leftover driver files by hand.If the uninstaller failed to remove all the old driver files, you might end up with driver files from two different versions lying around.This could cause problems, as these driver files were never designed to work together.Hardware drivers aren’t just self-contained pieces of software.

Excuse me if I'm in the wrong forum, but I have a Gigabyte Ga-78LMT-Usb 3.0 motherboard and a Sony DAV TZ-140 5.1 surround sound system. Here are two Microsoft articles on installing and updating the audio hardware and driver. It's connected with an adapter as follows, analog (red and white cables) to three 3.5mm jacks that should go into my motherboard's Mic, Line In, and Line Out ports. Some geeks use “driver cleaners” when updating their drivers — generally graphics drivers — to ensure the old driver was completely uninstalled and that no leftover files will conflict with the new driver. If you’ve ever used a driver cleaner, it was probably quite a few years ago.You shouldn’t need to run them anymore unless you encounter problems after upgrading drivers.The driver(s) I have for audio are: "AMD High Definition audio device" and the "High Definition Audio Device" by Microsoft.

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