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Doubles were inevitable and often became the fodder for the aforementioned practice. I haven't observed any kids riding around the neighborhood these days with this item flapping on their spokes.

Children today are too technically sophisticated for such simple minded inventions and collecting apps is the more desired preoccupation of the young.

Enthusiasts of this forgotten custom of a bygone era who have them in their possession today, whether by accident or design, benifit greatly. Baseball card collecting was popular in those early years, but something else became available in the form of collectable cards during the 1960's.

Come to think of it, clothes pins are a rather rare commodity themseves.

As for the item, I don't even know if they sell them anymore.

Those cards were the spark that lit the fire of my interest in wanting to learn more about that part of history.

 I am from Northeastern Ohio, and in that part of the U. you are far removed from the many notable places and events of the Civil War, but here in the South, in Charleston, you are in the heart of it all.

The louder, the better, so more than one was often employed to achieve the desired effect.

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